The following members of Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) and AT&T Speech and Image Processing Services Research Lab (AT&T) have been involved in the development of this SVM site. The major reference is V. Vapnik, "The Nature of Statistical Learning Theory", Springer 1995.

A. Gammerman (RHUL) V. Vapnik (AT&T, RHUL) Y. LeCun (AT&T)
N. Bozanic (RHUL) L. Bottou (AT&T) C. Saunders (RHUL)
B. Schölkopf (GMD) A. Smola (GMD) M. O. Stitson (RHUL)
V. Vovk (RHUL) C. Watkins (RHUL) J. A. E. Weston (RHUL)

All questions or comments should be addressed to the SVM Manager.

25. June 2013