The Support Vector Machine software for non-commercial use is available from these pages.

The following rersearchers were involved in the development of this software:

A. Gammerman (RHUL) V. Vapnik (AT&T, RHUL) Y. LeCun (AT&T)
N. Bozanic (RHUL) L. Bottou (AT&T) C. Saunders (RHUL)
B. Schölkopf (GMD) A. Smola (GMD) M. O. Stitson (RHUL)
V. Vovk (RHUL) C. Watkins (RHUL) J. A. E. Weston (RHUL)

We have created executable versions for Linux, Digital UNIX on Alpha and Solaris on UltraSparcs.

The source code is also available.

To obtain the software you have to read the following license agreement and signify your acceptance of the licence by filling in the form at the end of the page. You will then be able to download the software for non-commercial use.


25. June 2013